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Want to have a good time enjoying live powerful rock, rhythm'n blues music ? Then turn on to Smile !

A true-born stageband, Smile essentially devotes his time to live acts. Playing before an audience, catching the feeling and themood of the place, giving all you have to give, that's when Smile stand at his best !

Nevertheless, recorded music is available too !
Smile's first CD, released 1999 includes some of the most popular hits from the 60's and 70's arranged in a groovy rock and blues fashion.
Mustang , the second CD came out in 2001 and went even deeper into the roots of rhythm'n blues music, and there's even an " A cappela " number,
you know, only voices of course !

So if you're fed up with techno, bizarre weird sounding noises, tired of endless rows of fitness-dancers all alike, then come and join us one of these evenings !
Smile won't deceive you !